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Anticipated development of the local area is now at our doorstep. With thousands of new homes planned in both the Happy Valley and South Gresham areas, we are presented with an even greater opportunity to have a significant impact for Christ on both present and future generations.

As the community grows and ministry opportunities increase, it is clear that the current facilities will not be adequate to meet the increased needs of those God is bringing to us.

After extensive study and prayer, we are moving forward with a phased master plan. This will result in an expanded campus footprint with a mix of new construction and remodeled current facilities to sufficiently address space needs and maintenance concerns.

God has blessed us with an excellent geographical location, increased school enrollment, and new families attending the church. The time is now to expand His Kingdom work throughout this region. We believe the spiritual foundation of Damascus Community Church and Christian School is strong, and we are ready to pursue this endeavor to greater accomplish our mission to call people to follow Christ and become like Him.

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