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Campus Goal

We have developed a phased master plan to expand our campus which will be developed over the next several years. The master plan includes a mix of new construction and remodeled current facilities to sufficiently address space needs and maintenance concerns.

DCC Rendering_LRG_edited.jpg
221121 Exterior Courtyard.jpg

Phase 1

Phase 1 will consist of three specific elements.

  • A new new education building that includes eight ministry rooms, six restrooms, a gathering space, a janitor's closet, and storage space.

  • A large covered play area that can be used for several events and activities such as recess, sports & arts camp, and outdoor worship services/school chapels.

  • A small amphitheater and courtyard for both play space and special outdoor events.


Future Phases

As the construction of our campus will be accomplished using a phased approach, we will continue to rely on God's direction and provision

in determining when and how each future phase

will be determined.

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