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On the foundation laid by those whose faith in God brought us to where we are today, we continue to build on faith. Not just for this current generation, we build so that we might also call future generations to follow Jesus and become like Him.  In a world where people are increasingly isolated and divided, where we bear the painful scars of sin, and where the need for the Good News of Jesus Christ only grows, Damascus Community Church and Christian School strives to be a…

HOME where people find belonging with others redeemed in Christ.

 …HAVEN where people can find healing in Christ 
HUB where people are trained and sent out to call more people to follow Christ and become like Him. 
The Building on Faith Campaign and the proposed expansion of the campus facilities are key initiatives that will enable Damascus Community Church and Christian School to continue to be a Home, a Haven and a Hub, not only to those we currently serve, but to countless others who will follow.


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