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We have truly been blessed and count it a privilege to be able to share Christ's love with our community through the many different ministries that use our facilities in multiple ways each week. However, we are close to maximum capacity. This has created some challenges that affect our ability to invest in the lives of our church families, our school families, and the community.

Space limitations create stress due to room size and availability issues. We endlessly strategize schedules for room use and scramble to ensure each room is properly reset for the next ministry-use. This is compounded by the increased wear and tear on the building. Although we strive to steward these facilities well, decades of both church and school-use have pushed them past their original intent. 

Another praise is that we are growing! Our school has seen a significant increase in enrollment creating a waiting list for most grades. But this waiting list also means many additional families in our community, seeking Christ-centered education for their children, are currently unable to receive it. The church also has a vision to expand current ministries and launch new ones that will increase our impact for Christ in the region. Without additional space, we are limited in out ability to advance our mission to call people to follow Jesus and become like him.


If Damascus Community Church and Christian School is to continue to honor both God's call and our strong heritage of impacting the community, we simply need more space.

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